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// The Challenge

Vulnerability Holes

So Many Holes, Not Enough Time

Imagine your IT infrastructure as a giant block of Swiss cheese, and each hole in the cheese represents a vulnerability. Your job is to find those holes before a sneaky mouse (or cybercriminal) does. But here’s the kicker: the cheese block keeps growing, and new holes appear every day. It’s like you’re in a never-ending game of cheese Whac-A-Mole!

So, you bring in your trusty vulnerability scanner, armed with a magnifying glass and a detective hat. You let it loose on your systems, and it starts uncovering those cheesy holes, shouting, “Eureka! Vulnerability detected!” But, oh no, it also sometimes yells “False alarm!” because it can’t tell a real hole from a crumb.

Now you have a list of vulnerabilities as long as a shopping receipt, and your boss is breathing down your neck, asking, “When are these holes going to be fixed?” While you’re still left wearing the many other hats you already have on…

Volume of Vulnerabilities
There is a constantly growing number of software vulnerabilities discovered daily, spanning operating systems, applications, and network devices. Keeping up with this ever-expanding list can be overwhelming.
Diverse IT Ecosystems
Organizations often have diverse IT ecosystems with various operating systems, software applications, and hardware devices. Each component can have its own set of vulnerabilities, making it complex to track and prioritize.
Complexity of Scanning and Assessment Tools
Vulnerability scanning tools vary in terms of capabilities, accuracy, and complexity. Configuring and maintaining these tools requires expertise, and organizations may struggle to choose the right tool for their needs.
False Positives and Negatives
Vulnerability scanning tools can generate false positives (identifying vulnerabilities that don’t exist) and false negatives (missing actual vulnerabilities). Sorting through these inaccuracies can be time-consuming.
Resource Constraints
Many organizations have limited resources, including staff and budget, dedicated to vulnerability management. This can lead to difficulties in prioritizing and addressing vulnerabilities effectively.
Patch Management
Identifying vulnerabilities is just the first step; the process of applying patches or mitigations can be complicated. Testing patches in a diverse IT environment and ensuring they don’t disrupt operations is challenging.
Not all vulnerabilities are equal in terms of risk. Deciding which vulnerabilities to address first based on potential impact and likelihood of exploitation requires informed decision-making.
Communication and Collaboration
Effective vulnerability management often involves multiple teams, including IT, security, and compliance. Coordinating efforts and fostering collaboration can be a challenge.
Pieces of Malware

It is estimated that 560,000 new pieces of malware are detected every day and that there are now more than 1 billion malware programs circulating. This translates to four companies falling victim to ransomware attacks every minute. A Not-So-Common Cold: Malware Statistics in 2023 (

The Solutions

ProCern Vulnerability Management Program

Augment Your Vulnerability Management Program

Vulnerability Management - Expertise
Expertise You Can Trust

Leverage the knowledge and experience of our dedicated cybersecurity experts at ProCern, ensuring an effective approach to identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities.

MDR Solutions - 24/7
24/7 Vigilance (Optional)

Enjoy round-the-clock monitoring and rapid response to emerging threats, bolstering your organization’s security posture, even during non-business hours.

Vulnerability Management - Cost Efficiency

Eliminate the need for expensive in-house security resources, consume outcomes rather than tools and salaries, and allocate your budget strategically while receiving top-tier vulnerability management.

Vulnerability Management - Compliance Confidence
Compliance Confidence

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements and industry standards effortlessly, with our experts ensuring that your systems align with the latest mandates.

Vulnerability Management - Risk Mitigation
Risk Mitigation

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities based on potential impact and exploitability, allowing you (or us, its optional) to focus resources on the most critical threats.

Vulnerability Management - Time to Remediation

Expedite vulnerability remediation with clear guidance and actionable recommendations, minimizing the window of exposure to potential attacks.

Vulnerability Management - Scalability

Seamlessly adapt to your organization’s evolving needs, whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, without worrying about resource constraints. Our service and toolset can grow with you over time, avoiding capital expenditure along the way.

Vulnerability Management - Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Rest easy, knowing that your digital assets are fortified against cyber threats, with our team relentlessly safeguarding your IT environment, and validating the results against expectations.

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