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// The Challenge

Lack of Cybersecurity Leadership

Think Outside the Box

Originally, cybersecurity was something an IT member would do off the side of their desk. Then, as cyberattacks became more common, threat surfaces grew in size, and security-related regulations and frameworks arose, many businesses saw the need for a dedicated infosec department and leader. Without the presence of Chief Information Officer (CISO) or equivalent senior cybersecurity leadership within an organization can lead to several challenges within an organization.

Lack of Strategic Direction
Without a dedicated CISO, there may be no cohesive cybersecurity strategy or vision to guide the organization’s security efforts. This can result in a fragmented and reactive approach to cybersecurity.
Inadequate Risk Management
Your organization may struggle to effectively identify, assess, and manage cybersecurity risks. This can lead to vulnerabilities and threats going unnoticed or unaddressed.
Resource Allocation Issues
A CISO typically plays a crucial role in resource allocation for cybersecurity initiatives. Without this leadership, there may be challenges in allocating budget and personnel to address security needs effectively.
Limited Security Awareness
The absence of a senior cybersecurity leader can result in limited security awareness and a lack of a security-centric culture within the organization. Employees may not fully understand their role in protecting sensitive data.
Compliance& Regulatory Challenges
Meeting compliance requirements and staying up to date with cybersecurity regulations can be difficult without dedicated leadership. Non-compliance can lead to legal and financial consequences.
Slow Response to Incidents
In a security incident or breach, the organization may lack a structured and swift incident response plan. This can result in prolonged downtime and increased damage.
Technology Gaps & Overlaps
A CISO often evaluates and selects security technologies and tools that align with the organization’s needs. Without this oversight, the technology stack may have gaps or redundancies.
Limited Security Governance
The organization may lack proper governance structures for cybersecurity, such as security policies, procedures, and accountability mechanisms.
Vendor and Third-Party Risk
Managing security risks associated with third-party vendors and suppliers may be inadequate, potentially exposing the organization to supply chain vulnerabilities.
Reduced Cyber Resilience
Overall, the absence of a CISO can result in reduced cyber resilience and an increased likelihood of security incidents and breaches.

Leveraging a CISO

Leveraging a vCISO allows the company to cut out some of the costs of a full-time hire, such as benefits, ongoing training, and onboarding requirements – as well as by-pass the limitations imposed by the skills gap.

The Solutions

ProCern Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCISO) services

Elevate your Cybersecurity

Vulnerability Management - Compliance Confidence
Compliance and Regulation

Our highly experienced vCISOs collaborate with your team to develop and implement robust security policies, identify and mitigate risks, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Vulnerability Management - Expertise
Trust in our expertise

With our proactive approach, cutting-edge tools, and in-depth knowledge of the latest cybersecurity trends, you can trust in our expertise to strengthen your security posture and foster a resilient digital environment.

Vulnerability Management - Cost Efficiency
Cost Savings

Provide your business with the strategic guidance and expertise of a seasoned security executive without the cost and commitment of a full-time hire. 

Protect your Digital Assets and Data

A dedicated CISO can provide strategic direction, risk management, and governance that are essential for protecting the organization’s digital assets and data. 

Assessment & Consulting Services

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