SIEM Audit

SIEM Audit

Pinpoint Inefficiencies

A SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) audit comprehensively evaluates an organization’s SIEM system and related processes to assess its effectiveness, compliance with security policies and regulations, and overall performance. SIEM solutions are crucial in monitoring, detecting, and responding to security incidents by collecting and analyzing security-related data from various sources. If they’re not working as they should or helping you realize the value that they should be delivering, that is an issue to which we can help pinpoint why.

ProCern’s SIEM audit is designed to be both comprehensive and adaptable, focusing on the unique aspects of your organization’s SIEM system and its integration into your cybersecurity strategy. Our approach can range from a deep technical dive to a high-level business-focused review, depending on your specific requirements and usage context.

SIEM Users

An overwhelming majority of SIEM users have reported that SIEM has helped them enhance their threat detection abilities (81%), while a further 84% of the users experienced a measurable reduction in security breaches due to the use of their SIEM plaform.

The Approach

ProCern Customized SIEM Audit

Comprehensive and Adaptable

Configuration Review

Evaluating settings for alignment with best practices and organizational policies. Assessing rules, alerts, dashboards, and automated response mechanisms.

Log Data Collection Assessment

Reviewing effectiveness, sources, formats, and accuracy of log data collection.

MDR Solutions - Immediate Response
Log Retention and Storage

Evaluating policies and practices for log data retention and storage, ensuring regulatory and organizational compliance.

Log Analysis and Correlation

Assessing the SIEM’s ability to analyze and correlate data for accurate threat detection and reporting.

Incident Response Procedures

Reviewing how the SIEM system supports incident response, including categorization, prioritization, and escalation processes.

User Access Control

Assessing user access and permissions to ensure sensitive data and configurations are securely managed.

Vulnerability Management - Compliance Confidence
Compliance Reporting Evaluation

Examining the SIEM’s capabilities in generating compliance-related reports and alerts.

Vulnerability Management - Scalability
Performance and Scalability

Reviewing the system’s performance, scalability, and resource utilization.

Integration with Other Security Tools

Evaluating the SIEM’s integration with other security solutions for a cohesive security approach.

Cyber Threat Intelligence - Preparation
Documentation and Policy Review

Ensuring all related documentation and policies are current and comply with industry standards.

Recommendations and Remediation Roadmap

Providing actionable recommendations and a remediation plan based on the audit findings.

Ongoing Monitoring and Management

The SIEM Audit can be step one toward providing monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure management tools. Ask about how ProCern can help identify potential threats and vulnerability around-the-clock before they can be exploited.

Promo – SIEM Audit

Promo – SIEM Audit

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