Security Operational Maturity
// The Challenge

Shelfware Issues

Don’t leave your front door unlocked

One of the biggest challenges enterprises face today is the problem of shelfware – investing in advanced security tools but failing to utilize them effectively. It’s akin to having a top-notch security system while leaving your front door unlocked. Our Security Operational Maturity Model (SOMM) service focuses on identifying and resolving these shelfware issues.

Wasted Investment
Resources spent on security tools that are purchased but not fully implemented or utilized fail to deliver their intended value.
Unaddressed Vulnerabilities
Tools acquired to address specific security vulnerabilities remain ineffective if they are not properly deployed.
Reduced Security Posture
The overall security posture weakens when intended protections are not actively in place.
Missed Opportunities
Many advanced security tools offer features that can significantly enhance an organization’s security posture. Not using these features means missing out on potential security improvements.
Compliance and Resource Drain
Compliance issues arise when mandated tools are not functioning as required, leading to a drain on resources.
Increased Complexity
Acquiring security solutions without effective deployment or integration can lead to a complex and disjointed security environment, making management more challenging.

According to Fortinet’s Networking and Cybersecurity Adoption Index 2022, less than 49% of the organizations surveyed could detect a breach in less than 30 days, suggesting that most organizations are at risk of advanced, persistent threats that could go unnoticed for longer than 30 days. Moreover, 23% of businesses take between two and three months to detect a security breach, significantly impacting the security of the affected individuals and any financial and reputation loss that the organization incurs.

The Solutions

ProCern Security Operational Maturity Model (SOMM) Services

Your Cybersecurity Health Check-Up

Assessment of Current Practices

We evaluate your existing security measures to determine how well they safeguard your data.

Tailored Improvement Recommendations

Based on this evaluation, we provide customized advice on enhancing your security strategies.

Roadmap for Security Enhancement

The service includes a detailed plan or roadmap, outlining clear steps to bolster your cybersecurity defenses.

Proactive Steps

Comprehensive Assessment

We regularly evaluate your security tools and solutions to identify underutilization or lack of integration in your security strategy.

Strategic Priortization

We prioritize the deployment of security tools based on their relevance to your organization’s specific threat landscape and security needs.

Training and Awareness

Ensuring your security team is proficient in using and maximizing the benefits of your security tools is key. We address potential gaps in expertise that lead to underutilization.

Effective Integration

We focus on integrating your security tools into a unified security architecture, enhancing overall effectiveness and minimizing redundancies.

Regular Review and Cleanup

Periodic reviews allow us to clean up your security toolset, retiring or replacing outdated or ineffective tools.

Alignment with Security Strategy

Our approach ensures that the selection and implementation of security tools are in harmony with your overarching security strategy and risk management goals.

// Consumption Options

Overcoming Shelfware and Enhancing Cybersecurity Maturity

ProCern recognizes the critical issues of shelfware and immature security postures in information security. Our team of experts partners with your organization to identify gaps, customize solutions, and implement industry-best practices that align with your business goals and standards.
We offer various options within our SOMM service to meet diverse needs. If you’re interested in enhancing your information security posture and addressing shelfware challenges, we invite you to discuss your requirements with our experts. Schedule a consultation today to explore how ProCern can elevate your cybersecurity maturity.

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