Cloud technology was once a foreign term but today, most businesses utilize cloud technology in some way. Organizations new to the cloud or those that use it throughout their company, run into the similar questions when it comes to cloud adoption.


Is a hybrid approach best for me?


Should we use one or more public cloud providers?


How do I keep our data secure in the cloud?


Are we complying with the latest regulations?


I don't have in-house expertise. Who can help me deploys and manage it to its full potential?

ProCern is here to help you answer those questions and more.

We are your trusted consultant who works with you throughout every step of your cloud journey.

Our Cloud Services start by having our team understand your organization’s goals and your strategy when it comes to your cloud environment. We offer a variety of services when it comes to cloud implementation, management and more.


of all organizations already have some portion of their IT environment in the cloud.

Almost 50%

of all organizations store their confidential and most important data on the cloud.

Cloud Security Challenges

According to Cloudwards, the most pressing cloud security challenges are misconfiguration of the cloud infrastructure (68%); unauthorized access (58%); insecure API (52%); accounts, services, or traffic hijacking (50%); and external data sharing (43%).


Your organization runs on information—and without comprehensive cloud management, your business is susceptible to security threats, data loss and even costly downtime. At ProCern, we’ll help you wrap security around your strategic business decision to move to the cloud; discover, design, deliver, based on your needs.

Cloud Security could include specialized services, policies, procedures, tools, and technologies designed to protect users, sensitive data, apps, and infrastructure in cloud computing environments. Let’s treat this as critical as it is, start being proactive rather than reactive.

// Pillars & Control Types of

Cloud Security

Cloud security needs to address the same things we’ve been doing on premises for years, whether it’s preventative, proactive, detective, or responsive. ProCern can help you where needed, including but not limited to the following:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Detection and Visibility of Threats
  • Network and Application Protection
  • Data Protection
  • Incident Response
  • Compliance

In today’s regulatory landscape, compliance readiness assessments are essential for any organization. They serve as a proactive measure to ensure adherence to various regulations and industry standards, crucial in avoiding potential legal and financial repercussions.

// The Secure

ProCern Difference

Leave the burden to us. At ProCern, our seasoned IT Pros can act as an extension of your IT department to help you pull max value from your cloud-based investment with ongoing security expertise across your cloud apps, infrastructure, and workloads. 

Cloud Migration

Needing help with Migrating to the Cloud?

Have you made the decision to move your data to the cloud? The adoption of cloud technologies changes the landscape for many organizations. The question generally isn’t if an organization should migrate to the cloud, but rather what should be migrated and how.
Whether your cloud strategy is private, public or hybrid cloud, ProCern offers cloud migration services to any of these models. If you are not already operating in the cloud, we will partner with your organization to identify which cloud platform is right for your business. We can migrate your digital assets and data from your multiple sources to your platform(s) of choice – all seamless to you.

ProCern provides the expertise to reduce the time to market and reap the benefits sooner of your new or upgraded platform. We analyze your current environment, define your desired deliverables, implement via the desired strategy, prioritize based on your requirements, and provide guidance along the way. Discover, Design, and Deliver, to realize your vision of moving to the Cloud!

// Benefits of

Cloud Migrations with ProCern

Our experts have extensive experience working with the cloud and know what it takes to ensure that migrations are quick, smooth, and seamless.

We follow the best practices to keep your migration secure. We offer recommendations on how to protect your organization during migration and deployment.

We can enable your business to reduce IT resource requirements while increasing productivity. We will assist in improving your organization’s agility and scalability, allowing you to grow and adjust while maintaining optimal efficiency.

Our team will look to lower your operational and license costs through our partnerships with the top cloud solution providers.

Get in touch with us to see if you qualify!

Cloud Assessments

Need some expert advise on how your cloud practices stack up today?

We’ve got you!

Cloud Costs

  • Are your bills getting out of control?
  • Is what you're paying for the most efficient way to consume resources?
  • Do you need everything you're subscribed to?
  • Are you taking advantage of the latest efficiencies designed to save costs?


  • Do you really need reserved resources to get the performance you're after?
  • Are you set up for autoscaling both ways to handle peaks and valleys?
  • Have your workloads been configured to realize the performance available at the lowest possible expense?

If you can’t answer all of these questions with certainty, maybe we should schedule a complementary assessment to find out!


  • Real-time Threat Detection
  • Managed Permissions
  • Security Posture

Is your logging properly set up and allow you to detect threats in real time & allow for post incident investigations?


Are all your users' IAM, MFA, groups, and permissions being managed as they should be?


What about your resources, have they been properly hardened and is the low-hanging fruit being handled?


Has your security posture been measured against industry standard controls and maturity?

ProCern can enable you to answer all these questions and more!

// Fault Tolerance and

Service Limits

Cloud Migration Assessment

Our team will do an analysis of your on-premise workloads and a roadmap tailored to your business team skillset to help ensure a seamless cloud migration process.
We start by evaluating your current tech environment


We then create a strategy (Design) for your cloud migration, along with a roadmap to guide you through your cloud journey.
This could include but is not limited to:
cloud design
Then it’s up to you if we help you Deliver on your strategic vision.


// What are

Cloud Optimization Services?

Many organizations waste money on redundant and over-provisioned infrastructure, consuming a large portion of their overall cloud spending. Cloud optimization services provide accurate and meaningful reports for an organization on how they use resources, how much they spend, and where they can improve efficiency. Increased visibility allows organizations to tailor their spending to their business needs.

// Key Pillars to

Optimize Cost Reduction

When utilizing cloud computing, an organization can easily overspend by allocating more resources to your workloads than they would on-premises. The pricing model when it comes to cloud offerings is usually difficult to understand.
Cloud providers do not prevent users from spending too much or provide tools that work across hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments.
It is important to ensure that your services and applications can operate quickly and smoothly. A cloud infrastructure can suffer from poor performance due to network latency and bottlenecks. Regularly testing the performance of applications is a necessary task to optimize your cloud environment.
To maximize the reliability of an organization’s cloud applications, it is important to mitigate risks of cloud-based workloads becoming unavailable.
Providing redundancy is a solid strategy for ensuring reliability. It involves a company deploying multiple instances of a single workload across multiple regions within a cloud or in separate clouds.

ProCern can provide centralized visibility and leverage tools to provide actionable security insights into your cloud environment.

ProCern offers advanced expertise across many cloud platforms- from Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to IBM Cloud, Oracle, and Google, with hypervisor support that spans VMware vSphere, Nutanix Acropolis, Linus KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V, and IBM PowerVC.

Not sure where to start your cloud journey?
Get in touch, we can help ensure you’re headed in the right direction.
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