Penetration Testing
// The Overview

Strengthen Your Security Posture

Stress Test Your IT Infrastructure

Penetration Testing, commonly referred to as Pen Testing, is a vital element in the realm of cybersecurity. It’s akin to a stress test for your organization’s IT infrastructure, designed to evaluate resilience against potential cyber-attacks.


Simulated Cyber Attacks
Pen Testing involves the simulation of real-world cyber attacks on your network, servers, applications, and other systems to uncover vulnerabilities.
Identifying Weaknesses
The primary goal is to identify security weaknesses before malicious actors can exploit them.
Testing Various Components
It encompasses a wide range of components within your IT infrastructure, ensuring a thorough assessment of your organization’s cybersecurity defenses.

70% of companies do penetration tests for vulnerability management program support, 69% for assessing security posture, and 67% for achieving compliance revealed in the CoreSecurity Penetration Testing Report.

The Solutions

ProCern Tailored Penetration Testing Services

Safeguard Your Organization’s Digital Landscape

Customized Testing

Our penetration testing services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We recognize that each organization’s security requirements are unique, and we customize our approach accordingly.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, our services are scalable to accommodate any client size. We ensure that our testing is thorough and comprehensive, regardless of your organization’s scale.

Defined by Your Needs

The frequency and scope of penetration testing are determined based on your requirements. We align our testing schedule with your operational demands and risk profile.

Diverse Methodologies

Our team employs a variety of methodologies in pen testing. From traditional approaches to innovative techniques, we ensure a thorough assessment of your IT infrastructure’s security.

Expert Consultation

Speak with our penetration testing experts at no cost to understand how our services can benefit your organization. We offer initial consultations to help you decide if ProCern is the right fit for your cybersecurity needs.


Security Validation

Confirms the effectiveness of your security controls, ensuring that they can withstand attempts at exploitation.

Risk Assessment

Helps in evaluating and prioritizing cybersecurity risks, guiding decision-making for risk mitigation and resource allocation.

Meeting Compliance Requirement

Essential for adhering to regulatory frameworks and standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, which often require regular penetration testing.

Protecting Sensitive Data

Crucial in safeguarding client information, financial records, and intellectual property by identifying potential data breach vulnerabilities.

Improving Security Measures

The insights gained from penetration testing are used to fortify your security infrastructure, reducing the risk of future cyberattacks.

Enhancing Security Awareness

Raises awareness about cybersecurity among employees and stakeholders, reinforcing the importance of a robust security culture.

incident Response Preparedness

Simulates cyber-attacks to test your incident response capabilities, allowing for refinement of response strategies.

Third-Party Assurance

Vital for ensuring that systems and data are secure when engaging with third-party vendors or service providers.

Guiding Security Patch Management

Identifies systems and applications that require updates or patches, addressing known vulnerabilities promptly.

Artboard 69

Mergers and Acquistions Security Assessment

Evaluates the security posture of entities involved in M&As, identifying potential risks and integration challenges.

Security Benchmarking

Enables organizations to compare their security measures against industry best practices and competitors.

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