Managed Detection and Response
// The Challenge

Which MDR is right for me?

Help Finding the Perfect Fit

Ever since Managed Detection and Response (MDR) was coined, technology vendors and marketing teams everywhere have skewed what the actual service is in their favor. To make things simple, let’s use the Gartner defined definition from their Market Guide for MDR Services brief to add a bit of clarity.

“MDR services provide clients with remotely delivered, human-led, turnkey, modern SOC functions; ultimately delivering threat disruption and containment.”

Seems a little vague right? That’s because it is. When catchy offerings are vague, all sorts of solutions hit the marketplace claiming they’re one of them too. We at ProCern realize this and have adapted, not to what the marketers say, but to what our clients are asking for. Whether you’re after a checkbox MDR for insurance purposes, or fully customized services layer on top of your SIEM executing playbooks you define around the clock, we can help.

We at ProCern agree with Gartner’s first key finding from their Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services brief.

“Misnamed technology-centric offerings and vendor-delivered service wrappers (VDSW), that fail to deliver human-driven managed detection and response (MDR) services, are causing challenges for buyers looking to identify and select an outcome-driven provider.”

Being a service provider and partner with quite a few vendors that consider themselves an MDR, we have a unique perspective. We’ve seen fully automated actions/scripts claimed as “around the clock” coverage because the scripts kick off based on data, not human analysis as they should. Also, some of those actions are predetermined by the vendor and not customizable by the customer. Others are based on additional toolsets such as a SIEM that must be perfectly deployed and maintained for it to work properly. There are many different flavors and consumption offerings to choose from, find a true partner like ProCern to help you navigate through the noise to help find the perfect fit for your needs.


Gartner predicts by 2025, 50% of organizations will use MDR services for threat monitoring, detection, and response.

The Solutions

MDR at ProCern

Core Capabilities + Flexibility

Round-the-Clock Detection

24/7 remotely delivered detection and response functions

Fully or Co-managed Technology Stack

A fully or co-managed technology stack that enables and coordinates real-time threat detection, investigation, and active mitigating response into one platform. Whether it is owned by you or delivered by us as a service, we’re outcome focused.

Expertise in Threat monitoring

Our staff engages daily with client data and has skills and expertise in threat monitoring, detection and hunting, threat intelligence (TI) and incident response.

Turnkey Delivery

Turnkey delivery, with predefined and pre-tuned processes and detection content.

Immediate Response

Immediate remote mitigative response, investigation, and containment activities (such as quarantining hosts and/or killing rogue processes) beyond alerting and notification, delivered and coordinated by ProCern staff.

No Limitations

Triage, investigate and manage responses to all discovered threats, regardless of priority with no limitations on volumes or time dedicated to the discovery and investigation process.

// Consumption Options

Flexibility, Visibility and Collaboration

Flexibility, Visibility, and Collaboration are key to making any quality MDR solution work as expected. The lack of a definitive definition to follow is what is causing the marketing merry go round in today’s landscape of MDR offerings. At ProCern, we can help you simplify it, and focus on what you’re after, whether that be a checkbox for cyber insurance requirements, around the clock coverage for when seconds matter most, the latest and greatest “unicorn” providing some of the most advanced integrations and response playbooks you can buy, or a nice combination of the above.

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