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If you’re like many organizations, your IT department struggles with rising IT costs, a resource-constrained staff that’s being pulled in many directions, and frustrated team members who are spinning their wheels fixing employee issues rather than driving strategic IT initiatives. Without a dedicated resource to manage the day-to-day issues, your IT department won’t run smoothly.

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What we do

At ProCern, we offer a range of end user help desk services designed to support your IT staff, boost their productivity, and help them focus on revenue-generating activities—so you can turn your IT function from a costly liability into a strategic business asset. From creating or removing users, password resets, and printing problems to shared drive access issues, email challenges, and much more, we’ll take on your day-to-day IT issues, so you don’t have to.
Our comprehensive remote end user help desk services include: 

// Support when you need it most

Our qualified IT pros are readily accessible, knowledgeable, and eager to resolve even the most problematic issues during normal business hours across the United States.

Help Desk
// Multiple Ways to Help

Access via email, opening a ticket in our secure 24/7 portal, or calling our toll-free number

help desk
// Rapid Response Times

We solve the vast majority of service requests in a single phone call. However, if your issue requires a more in-depth solution, we’ve got you covered.

// A Commitment to improving your IT' staff's productivity

By providing an easy, reliable approach to swiftly resolving any IT issue, we help your team stay focused on what matters most.

//A Team that is User Friendly

Regardless of your end-user’s level of IT knowledge, we offer easy-to-understand step-by-step support to ensure a positive experience.

// Custom, Turnkey Solutions

Whatever help desk support you need, we can help. Our end user help desk solutions are customized to deliver immediate support that meets your unique needs.

Thinking about outsourcing to get a helpful help desk and saving money while doing so?
Get in touch, we can help ensure you’re headed in the right direction.
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