Backup and Disaster Recovery

Five Types of Disaster Recovery Solutions and Services

There are a variety of DR strategies available based on the infrastructure and assets that an organization wishes to protect. Backup and recovery methods may vary as well. Here are a six top examples of DR solutions:

1-Data Center Disaster Recovery

For organizations that store their data in an on-prem data center, a data center DR strategy is essential. The strategy will address the security of the organization’s physical and IT infrastructure in addition to their backups. It is an important to have a backup to a failover site at a secondary location. Documentation should include methods and procedures for when facility-related issues affect electrical, heating/cooling, physical security, and fire safety systems.

2-Network Disaster Recovery

Your network connectivity is vital for maintaining communication, application access, and data sharing in a disaster. A plan to restore network services is a necessary component of a network DR strategy. This strategy should focus on access to backup data and sites.

3-Cloud Disaster Recovery

Storing data in the cloud is becoming more and more popular in today’s work environment. Cloud-hosted DR provides more than a simple cloud backup. It requires an IT team to implement an automatic workload failover to a public cloud in the event of a disaster.

4-Virtualized Disaster Recovery

This type of recovery strategy replicates workloads to an alternative physical or cloud-based location. A virtualized workload has a smaller IT footprint an allows for frequent replication and quick failover. Various data protection providers offer virtual backup and disaster recovery products.

5-Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS)

This is a cloud-based commercial service which is provided by a third party who replicates and hosts an organization’s virtual and physical servers. The provider is responsible for implementing and managing the DR strategy in the event of a disaster.

How ProCern Can Help

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