Extended Detection and Response Services
// The Challenge

What Entails an XDR

Navigate the Noise

“Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a security solution that unifies multiple security technologies into a single platform, providing greater visibility and control over threats.”

– Gartner, “Market Guide for Extended Detection and Response Solutions,” by Peter Firstbrook, 2021.

Simply put, the lack of definitive definition as to what entails an XDR is the challenge. Gartner says, “A platform that combines multiple security components”, so how many is multiple? Some vendors say EDR and NIDS are enough.

Others approach it as a software layer that connects all your core security toolsets into one platform, where you can use said platform to control the tools, identify and mitigate threats, but that you must also own all the underlying technologies as well to make it work. At ProCern, we’ve seen quite a few “Solutions” and can help you navigate the noise. Don’t think you must ditch your existing investments in tools, we can help get the most of them.


Now considered the most effective tool for threat hunting, XDR solutions are an expected investment for two-thirds of companies over the next six to 12 months.  (https://securityintelligence.com/articles/soar-and-siem-in-2023-key-trends-and-new-changes/)



Cutting Edge

Embrace the future of enterprise security with our cutting-edge Managed XDR (Extended Detection and Response) Services, designed to provide a holistic approach to threat detection, response, and remediation across your entire digital ecosystem.

Enhance Cybersecurity

By utilizing Managed XDR (Extended Detection and Response) services by ProCern, organizations can enhance their cybersecurity capabilities, gain visibility across the entire environment, reduce the risk of breaches.

Focus on Core Business

Focus on your core business objectives while leaving the complexities of threat detection and response to specialized experts.

Save Time and Money

We may be able to use some of your existing tools, which will save you time and money.

// Consumption Options

Discover, Design and Deliver with XDR at ProCern

Our primary approach to XDR at ProCern is designed around you, our clients. There are countless options and definitions to consider, so why would we force feed you something that isn’t in line with your hopeful outcome? Our approach is truly client-centric, discovery, design, and then delivery. We want to maximize your realized value and to achieve your desired outcomes as efficiently as possible. To do so, we need to learn more about your XDR hopes and dreams, here are a few things to consider:
  • What outcomes are you trying to achieve with an XDR solution? Checkbox, 24X7 coverage, reduced MTTD & MTTR, or perhaps trying to one up an industry peer?
  • Do you already have some or all the security tools you want integrated?
  • Are you able to efficiently manage the technology stack in place today?
  • Would leaning on a service provider that offers 100% visibility into their work be beneficial to you? Perhaps in a co-managed model, rather than the block box of trust so many others provide already.
XDR options got your head spinning?
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