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Threat intelligence is a collection of data and analysis about potential cybersecurity threats and risks. It includes information about the tactics, techniques, procedures, and motivations of cybercriminals and threat actors. The goal of threat intelligence is to provide organizations with actionable insights that help them identify, prevent, and respond to cyber threats effectively. Actionable is the keyword that so many firms seem to forget, as the last thing you need is another free feed crying wolf, all day every day. Threat intelligence can be categorized into different types, including strategic, operational, and tactical, depending on its level of detail and relevance to an organization’s security operations.

Often organizations find that threat feeds are noisy and are lacking value. They don’t have enough staff to verify data one way or another.  Machine readable IOCs are often found to be short lived. Valuable intel is with people and processes, not just list lookups.

SEC Fines

In 2022, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fined more than a dozen banks almost $2 billion for cybersecurity shortcomings.

The Solutions

ProCern Customized Threat Intelligence Program

Personalized Intel Built Around Your Needs

Cyber Threat Intelligence - Customize
Customized Intel

Custom designed Threat Intel program built with people and processes.

Cyber Threat Intelligence - Preparation
Deliverables for each requirement

We help you define playbooks/deliverables for each intelligence requirement.

Cyber Threat Intelligence - Efficieny
Grow as you Mature

We start with basic benchmarks (we supply) and grow over time as you mature.

Cyber Threat Intelligence - Monitor
Measure What Matters

We provide Purpose Built Unified Reporting and Measure what Truly matters to your company.

Cyber Threat Intelligence - Flexibility
Continuous Integration

We continuously integrate and automate into your InfoSec program.


Relevance to Your Organization

Customized threat intelligence is tailored to your organization’s specific industry, technology stack, and vulnerabilities. It focuses on the threats that are most likely to target you, providing insights that are directly applicable to your security needs.

Contextual Understanding

A customized program provides in-depth context about threats, explaining how they work and their potential impact on your organization. This contextual information is crucial for effective decision-making and risk assessment.

Actionable Insights

Unlike generic threat feeds that may inundate you with data, customized threat intelligence delivers actionable insights. It tells you not just what threats exist but also what steps you should take to mitigate them, making it more practical and relevant.

Reduced Noise

Generic threat feeds often produce a lot of noise with alerts and indicators that may not apply to your organization. A customized program filters out irrelevant information, reducing alert fatigue and enabling security teams to focus on what matters most.

Proactive Defense

By understanding the threats that are most likely to target your organization, you can proactively strengthen your defenses, patch vulnerabilities, and adjust security policies before an attack occurs.

Compliance Support

If your organization must comply with specific cybersecurity regulations, a customized threat intelligence program can provide tailored information and insights to help you meet compliance requirements.

Incident Response

In the event of a security incident, customized threat intelligence can be instrumental in understanding the nature of the attack, its source, and its impact. This information is critical for effective incident response and recovery.

Strategic Decision Making

Customized threat intelligence informs strategic decisions related to cybersecurity investments, resource allocation, and long-term security planning, aligning your security strategy with your business objectives.

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