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// Overview

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is a critical component of any organization’s risk management strategy. It involves the development and implementation of plans and procedures to ensure that essential business functions can continue in the event of a disruptive event such as a natural disaster, cyber-attack, or other emergency. The value of Business Continuity lies in the ability of an organization to maintain essential operations, minimize downtime, and mitigate the financial and reputational damage that can result from a disruptive event. 

// Approach

What we do

Business Continuity plans help organizations maintain compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards, avoid costly fines and legal action, and protect the organization’s reputation and financial assets. Some of what ProCern can do to help your organization prepare are as follows:

// Business Impact Analysis

A Business Impact Analysis takes a snapshot of the current environment of a company. During the information gathering phase, we will capture critical business functions, systems, processes, vendors, personnel and resources. ProCern will aggregate the data to determine the potential impact of loss of facility, vendor, IT and people so that we can provide risks and recommendations to help you and your team keep the most critical functions operational during a disruptive event.

business continuity
// Business Continuity Planning

Our team will work with you to build a plan that is easy to execute and maintain so that you know how to handle a situation before it happens. Our plans build Business Continuity teams that have the skills, known responsibilities and training to tackle any type of event at any level of threat to your company while meeting regulatory guidelines and requirements.

// Tabletop Exercises

Testing your plan is as important as having a plan. Tabletop exercises are a great way to identify training opportunities for employees and discover areas for improvement. We create a customized event to walk your team through a real life example of an incident so that you are prepared to handle whatever comes your way.

// Annual Plan Reviews and Maintenance

Many areas of a business can change in a year. ProCern is here to help you keep your plan up to date and fully functioning by completing annual reviews and providing recommendations for improvement that keep your plan thriving.​

// Disaster Recovery Planning

ProCern will help you put together tools, policies and procedures to protect your critical technology infrastructure and systems before a disruptive event strikes.

business continuity
// Existing Business Continuity Plan Review and Gap Analysis

You may already have a Business Continuity Plan in place but you’re wondering if it meets regulatory requirements or is the best document to prepare you for a disruptive event. ProCern can review your documents against the NIST standard to identify areas for improvement and provide recommendations.

By developing a comprehensive Business Continuity plan, organizations can identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, develop strategies for mitigating those risks, and ensure that critical business functions can continue during and after a disruptive event.

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